Mpa Technical Devices manufactures a wide range of components for the handling of vials, ampoules or bottles. We can design and replace Format Parts for the Following Brands of Machinery or Manufacturers:

  • Bausch Stroebel
  • Bausch Advanced Technology
  • BOC Edwards - Calumatic
  • Bosch - Syntegon - Strunck
  • Chase-Logeman
  • Cozzoli
  • Watson-Marlow Flexicon
  • Groninger
  • I-Dositecno
  • Ima - Farmomac
  • Inova
  • Mar
  • Marchesini - Corima - Neri
  • M&O Perry
  • Neoceram
  • Sfm-Steriline
  • Rota
  • National Instrument - Filamatic
  • Optima - Kugler
  • Romaco
  • Pkb
  • Truking


Manufactured from Plastics as:
Delrin (Pom-C), Arnite (Ertalyte), Polyethylene, Peek etc. or from Steels: AISI 316L - AISI 304 - AISI 303

All types can be produced:
Stars, Sectors, Guides, Combs, Joints, Loading and Unloading Screws etc

Super Finishing on Plastic Materials

Polished, Satined or Sandblasted Surfaces + Complete Decontamination and Passivation on Steel Parts

Final Cleaning in Conformity NSF and FDA for Food and Pharmaceutical Processing

Laser Marking - Permanent Identification

Respect for Good Manufacturing Processes: GMP

Complete Certification and Traceability in compliance with FDA and Uni EN 10204 - 3.1 standards

Fast Time to Delivery: Max 10-25 Working Days - Free International Tracking Shipment

Top Quality with Competitive Prices